E-Blah Platinum Change Log
Code Adjustments for e-blah Platinum Janurary 24, 2004
Lines of Code: 18,268
Total File Size: 693.11 KB (709,742 bytes)
Improvments: 241+

New / Improved Feature Changes
New / Improved Feature Changes
1. System Status now evaluates click log based on how many clicks per setting making it more accurate
2. Removed various "Beta" only utilities
3. Portal can now be made the main page for Blah.pl
4. Ban Users Panel has been updated
5. Profile has been redone into the "Members Center"
6. Added "Your Avatar Dimensions" to Member Center/Avatar Settings
7. "Welcome back USER" has been edited to show, "Good (time of day) USER"
8. Calendar now has "Post an Event" at the bottom instead of "Edit" after each day on calendar (edit moved to show page)
9. Moved BC and Smiley GUI into subroutines, therefore reducing code size by about 150 lines, and over 20 kb's
10. Added "Disable Avatar(s)/Signature(s) in Posts" to Member Center/Board Settings
11. Moved PM and Notification into Member Center
12. Boards can now be added to the notification service
13. Added option to stop threads from going to the top if a user votes in a poll
14. Administrators can now select how many poll options users have
15. You can now search for messages older than x days or newer than x days
16. "View Entire Year" now allows you to view years other than the current one
17. Administrators can change how long users remain active in the active log
18. Added "Default Guest Timezone"
19. Added more detailed explainations for features in the administrator center
20. Message Preview has been redone (cleaned up code a lot)
21. Added "Merge Thread" ... which allows you to merge two different threads.
22. Removed "Notification add/remove" verification
23. Added color to the side of Color settings in Admin
24. Converted existing require code into CoreLoad, which will generate friendly errors on bad files
25. Added "Quick Reply" to list of features ... enable it in Admin center ...
26. WhereIs function has been moved to the stats center for fewer files
27. Administrators can now "Reset" users passwords
28. SIDs are now refreshed each page load if user is using a SID (therefore SIDs will remain for a while)
29. The registration agreement has been redone
30. Pre-Installed avatars now allows you to select from a list of different avatars, information on how to use added to documentation
31. Members can now "Preview" the theme before they actually change their profile
32. Added a moving marquee ... to use put [move]Message to move around[/move] (!! not a function on the post page !!)
33. Added "Print Options" ... now users can download the printer version or just go to the PF version
34. Boards with no moderators no longer show "No Moderators"
35. Administrators can now disable Private Messaging on a per user basic
36. Added "Private Messaging Folders" -- Go to Member Center, then click on "Folders" to add/edit/remove folders
37. Members can now search for Private Messages
38. Private Messages cannot be saved to your computer OR you can print it out
39. Members can now disable the censor list
40. Added 'Buddy List', add buddies to your list to select when you write a PM (block list moved here too)
41. New Smiley's AND Censor List can now removed by checkboxes (no more click and delete)
42. Remove Spectators will now return a page in which you can remove only certain members (checkboxes)
43. Added Multiple selections for polls
44. Added settings value for smiley bomb count
45. Easter Eggs!! I added two easter eggs, when you find them, be sure to post it on the e-blah website!
46. Added "Max Message Length" -- this will prevent users from posting large ammounts of data to your board (such as 1 megabyte posts, which may take a while to load)
47. Now administrators / moderators can move messages, delete messages, stick threads, or lock threads from the message index
48. SMTP Authentication has been added
49. The redirect section has been reformatted to allow HTML META redirect, Redirect, or the recommended, Location type redirect
50. Hidding e-mail address has been expanded to just hide it to guests / members, or just guests, or members option
51. Profiles are now disabled for guests unless an admin allows Profile and Member list viewing
52. Colors in the "Add Blah Code" section have been colorized (Suggestion by Daniel)
53. MSN links in profile now link to http://members.msn.com/???@???.???
54. "Upcoming Events" has been added to the Board Index's Event calendar (adjust number of days an event is "Upcoming" in Admin/Settings/Main)
55. Removed all refrences to: (this variable is now CSS dependent) *
56. Forum is now CSS complient *
57. When users register and become members, they can now see 'members' only forums
58. Post counts can now be disabled on a per board bases
59. Boards can now be visable to only certain member groups (just like categories)
60. Block User Messages
61. Allow Thread Voting (Board)
62. Disable Attachments (Board)
63. Redirect Board to URL (Board)
64. Pages should be indexed by search engines now
65. The entire calendar and the functions of the calendar have been reworked
66. Reformatted the Registration page for people under 13

Bug Fixes / Security Enhancements / Code Fixes
1. Source Code Mod had a bug where it would not allow users to modify the modification correctly.
2. Fixed the bug where any action you chose would say "Replace Code After" ...
3. Readded two smileys to BlahImages
4. Fixed Settings.pl update bug
5. Fixed registration agreement bugs
6. Any bugs that the profile pages held should be fixed (now changed to Member Center)
7. Removed un-nessessary language information from lng files
8. Calendar now obeys "Date Format" settings for showing topics
9. Entering an invalid date gives you an error
10. Referrals (Invite Friends) now must use valid e-mail address(es)
11. Highlighter may highlight more effecivly now
12. Searches can be taken place every 15 seconds now, plus a bug fix
13. Added a year threashold on the calendar, preventing an error
14. Fixed a bug where if a user entered a custom letter search via the URL in Members list, server would crash
15. When you save your settings with a theme enabled, settings are saved without theme colors (bug fix)
16. Stats Page: New Attachments and Attachment Downloads bug fixed
17. Split thread did not create a new '.view' file, which made the views never increase (bug fix)
18. Users could type unlimited chars in subject (fixed, now 50 max)
19. If a user had been removed, and was the last voter in a poll, their username would show up as '0' (bug fix)
20. When an admin tried to save passworded board information, it would conflict with another passworded board, therefore changing the password
21. When moving messages, stickys now move (bug fix)
22. When fatal errors occur while requiring new source code files, there is an error that occurs - inteligent (new feature/bug fix/security enhance)
23. Code cleaned up in Admin / Settings
24. When administrators update the forum settings, you shouldn't get an error on line xx in Settings.pl
25. Fixed bug where when file locking (Flock) was turned OFF forum did not function normally
26. News text has been added to a lng file
27. News.pl has been combined with Portal.pl, which reduces code size, and number of files
28. Modifications DIR has been added to the Settings.pl | Admin / Settings
29. ManageCats.pl / ManageBoards.pl has been comined (also in Admin.pl)
30. Replied message PM display now shows URL's correctly
31. Passworded boards have been removed from Stats (unless you are admin or know the PWed board PW)
32. PM storage limits have been fixed ... plus various other PM bugs have been fixed / various code changes
33. Various undocumented bugs have been fixed. :D
34. Administrators are now allowed to see users last active time (if enabled) when users are marked as "Invisible"
35. Better error handeling (no longer using __WARN__, using evals for each require statement)
36. Theme code has been fixed (themes now return TRUE values)
37. v=profile has been removed from all files (replaces, "v=memberpanel")
38. Age code has been fixed (FINALY!!!)
39. Searches will no longer crash a board with a Perl "Software Error", now error messages will be given
40. When you send PM the MID is not the same for messages sent to yourself (which would cause errors when moving around in folders ;))
41. The system root is no longer displayed if no Upload DIR is set (security/bug fix)
42. If "WhereIs" is disabled on the board index, only administrators can view it now (Admin/"Active Users")
43. Alpha Platinum Bug fix - Fixed problem with some browsers not 'liking' the new Avatar layout
44. Removed obsolete images from package
45. Cleaned up various code / layout / cosmetic / new features / bugs / security enhancements ... yep, all cleaned up
46. Cleaned up Smiley / BC code (no longer uses tags, uses more JS) ... smaller pages.
47. Various BC.js cleanups
48. Added further preview support
49. Added smiley bomb support for Custom Smileys
50. Fixed even more preview bugs within Post script
51. Fixed color selector bug (navy blue would be 'regular' blue)
52. Various M A J O R bugs cleaned up in Moderation routines
53. Post routines should be quicker and more secure (no overwritten board data) - M A J O R BUG, SECURITY, and CODE FIX
54. Sticky code has been cleaned up
55. Cookie codes have been all rewritten, which should make the cookies work correctly on EVERY server
56. M A J O R Security fix - Users could hack into your forum. e-blah no longer supports Absolute values
57. Added checkboxes to an array / routine, which makes code smaller and more orgainized
58. Fixed a bug with Setting "gdisable" always staying checked in Settings
59. Platinum -> Platinum bug fix: Move thread routines would mess up if message was left (crash server)
60. Templating system now supports text / HTML before and after (same line)
61. Moved math from foreach loop for ClickLog
62. <br> bug in [CODE] BC has been repaired
63. <br> bug in modify (and other pages which modify message data, has been fixed
64. Fixed more preview bugs <br> 65. Removed Benchmarking (did not work on all servers)
66. Edited commented headers in e-blah
67. If you need to use the CGI version of e-blah, just rename Blah.pl to Blah.cgi
68. Cleaned up Blah.pl a little
69. Blah now uses hashes to find what sub to use, which is quicker
70. If users try going to v=mindex (without b=), they now receive an error
71. Added Notify sub into MemberPanel
72. Fixed Post Stats (member list)
73. Language pack has been updated (version 2)
74. Fixed redirect after "Mark all read"
75. Fixed a bug that would crash the server if no username.dat file was found durring the Loaduser routine.
76. Uploaded Avatars are now removed when a user is removed :)
77. Various Modify Message / HTML / ARGH!!! bugs are hopefully fixed (in Post.pl)
78. Fixed HTML bug where putting (for example) 'i' in the box would enable <i>,<input>,<i?> codes (which is not what was intended ;)), this should be fixed FINALY
79. Platinum bug fix: Windows uploads would leave a temp file (this has been fixed)
80. Platinum big fix: Validate has been fixed
81. Fixed a bug where when un-verified users logged out, it would clear the data file
82. Where is directory now lists users at "Where Is" and not "Stats"
83. SID access has been altered a little (prevents SID "bugs")?
84. Menu items have been added to English.lng (for image directory changes) - Found by: Matrinix
85. Modified SourceMod a little, cleaned bugs, and add more support (including removing mods)
86. "Locked Board" has been added to Message index for locked boards
87. Fixed the "No thread, but attachments are allowed" bug and various other access view bugs
88. MARJOR BUG FIX: Bug where SIDs would allow ANYONE to gain access to your forum, and possibly could disable the board completly (Fernando and Community)
89. Fixed Multiple message deletion (platinum RC1 bug, Fernando)
90. Merging fixed (platinum RC1 bug, Fernando)
91. Message replies icon now changes with correct one (Fernando)
92. Fixed "Switch To" on message index and message view pages
93. Cleaned up the rest of Moderator.pl (I think and hope)
94. Users can now modify messages if board has security
95. Fixed PM quota from showing -xx kb left
96. If you rename administrators group, it will change it in members pages *
97. Member update had a bug where it would wipe it out if it was too active *
98. Added no smiley to news *
99. Fixed smiley code *
100. SMTP Authentication now works, you need the Authen-SASL package for this to work
101. Various bugs fixed :)
102. Sticky Bug - Newest posted sticky would be at bottom of "Stuck Thread" list, this has been fixed
103. No more "Enable Auto Reply" in auto reply messages. ;)
104. Censor list bugs in Polls fixed
105. Fixed poll question bug (if no question was entered, it would post anyway)
106. Small age bug fixed -- AlexeiD
107. Blocking users in Private Messaging will now take Screen Names ;)
108. Censor bug fixed
109. Fixed max summary count from not counting
110. Fixed PM Auto-Reply bug
111. Fixed Print page bug
112. Show news / Portal news bug fixed -- grak
113. Fixed age bug where numbers less that > 1900 for year would give large ages
114. Fixed a date bug in the calendar display pages
115. Fixed "Today" bug where the same month and day would show as Today, even if year was wrong
116. More Calendar bugs erraticated ... (taken out)
117. Cleaned up a little old debugging code
118. Fixed minor bugs in Portal / Show News code
119. Fixed various bugs not worth noting
120. Fixed bugs where ANYONE can see passworded / other boards that are not suppose to be seen by public
121. Click Log and Extensive Logging can now be hidden from the public (set individualy)

Layout / Cosmetic Enhancements
1. Version Check has been highly modified to look much cleaner, also added new sections: "Lines of Code", "bytes", etc.
2. Moved credits below everything in Admin Center - redone credits
3. Edited the main view of the Admin Center
4. Backup cleaned up, Backup code moved to Admin.pl
5. Validation code fixed up
6. Fixed up Invite layout
7. Added Description under setting name in Settings (Admin Panel)
8. Added "Forum Login" to the bottom of board index if a guest, which removed about 20 lines of code from Login.pl
9. Various changes in the Search layout
10. Various changes in the Calendar layout
11. "Poll" added before thread subject (if post is a poll)
12. Various changes to the Calendar
13. Moved stuff around in Members List
14. Recoded HTML of Message Display page ... totaly remodeled (in conjunction: edited Load.pl)
15. Main Theme has been remoddeled, along with new color scheme
16. Several images have been updated
17. BoardIndex's bottom layout has been remodeled
18. Member Verification has been redone
19. The error codes have been rebuilt to follow a more 'eblah' like pattern
20. Recommend page has been resized, and the entire e-mail is now editable
21. Edited a ton of images!! :D
22. Cleaned up Polling code
23. Removed "New Threads", etc. from Board Index and replaced it with "GMT" offset text
24. Changed News color (title bar) to #386C9C" class="blue (changed from )
25. Minor changes to Stats page
26. Locked threads do not show "Modify/Delete/Quote" links anymore
27. Mark as Read has been removed from cat only list
28. Forum rules and thread rating has been reformatted
29. "Download File" page has been reformatted
30. Horizontal Rules have been added to a CSS reference (hr), edit the look in template
31. Report has been reformatted
32. Various changes to the Portal / News script
33. When "No" is selected for cookies on the "Login" page, the "Time to Stay Logged in" field will change to 3 hours and will be disabled.
34. Added the legend to PM Folders View
35. The admin center in the "Member Panel" ("Profile") has been totaly reworked, and the end result will shock you ;)
36. "Millions" of HTML changes on the various Member Panel / Profile pages ... images should now be more ... orgainized
37. Member Groups (admin) has had a little remoddeling :)
38. The Error Log has been reworked for better reading ... :D
39. Various changes to the Member Center's view page
40. PM Prefs page has been rethunk ... and the end result is a cleaner layout
41. Cleaned up "Edit Boards and Cats" pages
42. Board Info and Member info has a larger space now
43. Cleaned up the Post pages a little
44. Cleaned up the Advanced IP Search Utility to make it the best search utility in the world of MB's (well, e-blah is the only forum with one)
45. Changed : to - in Admin / Settings / ?
46. Edited the Registration Agreement again (8.4.03)
47. Modifed the look of Stats page
48. Quotes now look like quotes, and are much cleaner :) -- Manuel R. Medina
49. Various MessageIndex changes :)
50. Redone "Login" on every page ... more login like now
51. New theme -- "E-Blah Platinum Remix"
52. Board Settings are now hidden, until you 'unhide' them.
53. Small font sizes (size="1" have been added to by the class="smalltext", which will make it more versital :D)
54. Various changes in cosmetics