What is Blah Code?

  • BCode(or Blah Code/BC) is a system much like html that lets you do things that HTML Code would do, but they are incased within brackates ([]) rather than a less than and greater than signs (<>)
Using Blah Code

  • To use BCode, simply press the buttons on top of the Message part of the Posting Screen(For changing text color, links and such, select the part you want made a link/color-change). Eventually youll get used it and learn it quickly.
Code Specifications
Code to Type Rendered Code
[face=Arial]Font Face[/face] Font Face (Arial)
[size=2]Font Size[/size] Font Size (2)
[b]bold[/b] Bolded Text
[i]italics[/i] italics
[u]underline[/u] underline
[s]stikeout[/s] stikeout
[sub]subscript[/sub] subscript
[sup]superscript[/sup] superscript
[url]http://www.eblah.com[/url] http://www.eblah.com
[url=http://www.eblah.com]Visit eblah.com Today![/url] Visit eblah.com Today!
[mail]mysite@yourhouse.com[/mail] mysite@yourhouse.com
[mail=mysite@yourhouse.com]e-mail me now![/mail] e-mail me now!
[img width=50 height=20]http://www.site.com/picture.gif[/img]
[quote]Quoted Text[/quote]
Quoted Text
[flash width=200 height=200 url=http://www.site.com/flash.swf] Flash Movie

Smiley Code Rendered Smiley