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{ Cities: Crystal Haven }

A city of myth, few have claimed to have seen it and those who have are just assumed to be tall tail telling travelers. It is said that it is the city that keeps balance between good and evil in the world, and is also said to be responsible for the attempted destruction of all evil and the creation of the Blacklands.

From this place, or so the story goes, a diety unlike no other has placed a manifestation of destiny itself. An entity that can walk ammong people unnoticed and change the course of history itself. Many other myths state that angel like beings live in the mountian top city, as well as other, more human, creatures. These people are said to be the guardians of the world, and the protectors of what is good and pure.

Many talk of tales involving the city, but it often described in the same context. A city built of crystal, on the highest mountian in the realm. So untouched by the world that anger and hate are unheard of, and the purity of the races that dwell with in is nearlly celestial.

Adventure seakers, as well as treasure hunters, often set out on expeditions to try and find the city. Adventure seakers for the thrill of trying to find a hidden and mythical city, and treasure hunters for the rare crystal (Edenís Crystal) that is said to have all sorts of magical effects. But, most believe, that only a person who has the blood of one of the races within the city can find their way to it. It is also said that those whose souls are tainted will not be able to find the city. *This is a restricted area and can only be used as an origin for Children of Eden races, and permission must be given before traveling to/placing an active charcter in this city.

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