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{ Cities: Nova }

A village a few centuries old, nestled quietly just inside Nova Forest. Less then a hundred people inhabit this remarkable place, which is so untouched by the rest of humanity. The houses are stone, though you'd never notice for time and nature have made them a natural part of the landscape. Covered with vines and mosses these small structures would seem like old boulders, if not for the windows and doors carved into the stone.

It is an almost utopic place, and the people welcome travelers with open arms and homes. The children of this place know more about the forest and the earth then most men would ever care to learn and nature is treated with the utmost respect.

Both Elves and Humans live there peacefully, along with a few Zhara who have been freed from slaverly. The main notes of interest would be the crystal lake that sits just an hours walk outside the city, which you can see all the way to the bottom of, and an underground cavern just another twenty minute walk from that. The cavern wouldn’t be anything special except that it is home to a rather old, sometimes tempermental but otherwise peaceful, emerald colored dragon who is said to be the villages guardian.

A wonderful place to visit, if you’ve ever been lucky enough to hear about it. *This is a restricted area and can only be used as an origin with permission.

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