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{ Cities: Oceans Deep }

The biggest sea side city in the Kingdom, itís a very prosperous fishing community and also a busy port. The city is spread around the bay of Oceanís Deep, making it a long walk to get from one side of the city to the other. The houses are typically made of wood, rather then stone, especially the ones along to the beach.

Itís not a particularly pretty town, most of the buildings look run down and weathered from the harsh winds that sometimes come off the salty sea. It is also one of the less respectable cities in the Northern Kingdom. With many taverns and several popular burlesque houses, fishermen back from long months at sea usually take advantage of these services when home. Though, it isnít suprising to see the occasional wealthy lord or his servant walking around the other wise dingy looking population. Pearls are a rare and wonderful find at the market places and highly prized by those who can afford the often hefty price tag.

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