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{ Quick Stats }

Game Master: Jessie (The Fantasy Keeper)
Forum Host: SoulWind.Org
RPG Type: Freeform - Storyline Driven
Setting: Original Medieval Fantasy Realm
Age Requirment: 15+
Created: Nov 29, 2003
Member Limit: None
Character Limit: One for New Members. Unlimited for Regular Members.
Character Count: 25
# of RPing Members: 6
Combat Style: Player being attacked chooses to take the hit or not.
Dice Used: No

Overview: The RPG takes place in a medieval fantasy setting created by the GM. There is no real set storyline, and members are free to take the story in whatever direction they like. The GM may, in the future, put into effect storylines that effect the entire realm, in which case members will have to have their characters act accordingly. No member created races/cities or borrowed races/cities from other stories may be brought in.

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