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{ Races: Children of Eden }

Three seperate races living in the mythical city of Crystal Haven, they are said to be the most peaceful and pure of any of the other races in existence.

Children of Eden are broken up into three main catagories:
Elementals, Healers, and Seriphs.

-| Elementals: Elementals are masters over the basic elements of Fire, Water, Air, Lightning, and Earth. Most are born with the ability to control one of these the best, but can be taught to control all. Elementals who learn to control all can then also learn to harness the elements of Light and Dark and even Time, Life, and Death. Though very few have ever become that advanced. Can pass as normal humans, though their eye colors usually reflect the element they have the most control over. Are easilly influenced by dark forces.

Normal Lifespan: 150 years

-| Healers: Healers are pretty self-explanatory. Have a natural flare for Eden's Cyrstal when it's in its healing form, they can heal almost anything. From small wounds to even, in the more advanced stages, resurecting those who have been dead for up to 3 hours. Can pass as normal humans, though they usually have a very comforting aura about them. Are easilly influenced by dark forces.

Normal Lifespan: 175 years

-| Seriphs: The noble class of Crystal Haven, there are only around twelve Seriphs that live there in a generation. With angel like wings and the abilities to control both elements and healing they are often thought to be heavenly beings. They are a very pure and friendly race, and are very sensative to those around them. Colors vast and varried when it comes to eye, wing, and hair color. Skin color is normally light, but has been known to be light brown to dark brown. Are very resistant to dark forces.

Normal Lifespan: 200+ years

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