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{ Races: Furries }

Furries are an almost extinct race of creatures said to have been created well before the rest. They are simple creatures who stand on two legs but have the appearance of an animal.

There are two different types: Feline and Canine. The race was brought to near extinction during wars fought between the two groups. Now both types live in scattered forests, co-exhisting peacefully. A small clan of Canine Furries can be found in Fyreflye Forest, and a mixed group of Feline and Canine can be found in the Southern Jungle, usually mingling with the Zhara people.

Smart enough to know that they would probably be used as slaves like the Zhara if found, they are seldom seen or even heard about. The Elves have more knowledge of them then any other race, but even few of them have ever actually met one. They are a very friendly race if they know they aren't in harms way, otherwise they are very skiddish.

Fur colors are those found in normal Canine and Feline animals. Most Furries speak both Elvish and English fluently.

Normal Lifespan: 100 years.

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