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{ Races: Fyreflyes }

Fyreflye are found in the Fyreflye Forest that surrounds Salean, the Elven city. They are are interesting creatures that look almost human, except that they are only around 3 inches tall and have eyes that look twice the size they should be. Fyreflye's are known for their incredible singing voices and can lead travelers safely through the forest to Salean or lead them in circles for days. They live in little colonies, and they get the name 'Fyreflye' from the glowing aura they emit after dark.The colors of the aura's usually represent age. Blue for the younger Fyreflyes, green for the middle ages, and white for the eldest.

Fyreflyes do not have last names, but instead have tatooes on their faces that tell which family line they are from. When two Fyreflyes of different families have a child, the child recieves a new, unique combination of its' parents' markings.

Their most noticeable features are there extremely long and pointed ears, large eyes, and their butterfly like wings. Each pair of Fyreflye wings are different from the next and it is one of the main ways they tell the difference between each other. They usually have light colored skin and thier eye and hair color can be any color in the rainbow. Though it normally corrosponds with the dominant colors in their wings.

Normal Lifespan: 25 years.

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