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{ Races: Half-Zhara }

Half-Zhara are extremely rare in the realm. They are not usually excepted in any society, but can be popular side show attractions if one can find a show that will except them.

A Half-Zhara will have splotches of color on his skin (green if his mother was Zhara, and pink if his father was). Some are born with underdeveloped claws that are not nearly as dangerous as their parents' and sharp teeth. Usually quite a bit more inteligent then the Zhara parent they still exhibit the animal like aggression of the race.

Half-races suffer from genetic defects due to mixing of two different races that aren't normally mixed. Most common defects suffered by Half-Zhara: Deformed hands or under developed claws that cause pain when used, hearing loss, or eyes over sensative to light.

Normal Lifespan: 50 years.

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