On This Day  -|| By Jessie C. 

        On this day
        Bright and sunny
        In the middle of May
        Something funny
        Happened just
        Around the corner.

        On this day,
        We saw a man,
        Singing loud
        Dressed in tan,
        What a site,
        For a crowd!

        On this day,
        He sang a tune,
        That did not sway
        And at noon,
        We gave a hoot,
        What a site!

        On this day,
        A merry melody,
        Flooded the street,
        As did we,
        Following suit,
        With dancing feet!

        On this day,
        A gift from above
        So rich and gay,
        We sang of love,
        We danced like fools,
        Until the end.

        On this day,
        Bright and Sunny,
        In the middle of May,
        We may have looked funny,
        But it was fun,
        And now I'm done.