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{ Rules }

1. No Power Gaming or God Moding. You -should- know what those are if you are joining this group.

2. Be Courteous! If you mouth off or insult other members you are going to get kicked out.

3.No Killing of Another Person's Character. You have NO RIGHT to call a hit on another character, -especially- not a fatal one.

4. Do NOT Backtalk the Moderators. They are the ruling class here and what they say goes. If you don't like that then leave.

5. Be Open Minded. Our members come from different backgrounds and share different views on things such as religion and sexual orientation. If you can't handle that then LEAVE or be severaly traumatized.

6.Spectors and Random Passers By Do NOT Post on the RPG Forum. If you want more information on the RPG, wish to make a comment or suggestion, or just want to randomly say 'hi' then please post it on the OOC Forum as that is what it was created for. Off topic and random posts found on the RPG board will be deleted.

7. Please Keep OOC Comments Off the RPG Forum. With the new, seperate RPG and OOC Boards, plus the PM feature of these forums, there should be no need to post any sort of OOC on the RPG forum.

8. Keep Your Characters Realistic. Yes, it's a Fantasy RPG, but we do like to apply some realism. For example: A 16 year old human male studying to be a sorcerer would not be immensly powerful. In fact, compared to those twice his age he'd probably be rather pathetic. However, a 16 year old male Elemental would have adequate enough control over his dominant element to be a challenge to a 32 year old sorcerer. Not that he could beat the sorcerer, but he would put up more of a fight then the sorcerer of the same age.

Also please don't forget that most Special races aren't excepted by the majority of the population. Please have your character react like they should to these types of characters. I don't want to see any Vampire walking around freely because everyone has decided they aren't racist against the bloodsuckers. Insult and/or attempt to maim/kill/capture the Special types of characters.

9. 15+ Age Requirment. It is recommended that you be older then 15 to join this RPG, as it deals with mature themes and we will not be editing things to suit younger viewers. Though things such as hardcore sex are not allowed, graphic violence, disturbing subject nature, drug/alchohal use, and mild sexual elements will be. So, please, make sure you aren't offended by that kind of stuff before you join.

10. The Rules Can Change At Any Time, Whether You Like It Or Not. So :p

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