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{ Races: Sinders }

An often heard of but seldom seen race, Sinders are a mixture of the races who inhabited the dark city before it was whiped out by the gods.

While most of the people that were cursed became Vampires or Phantoms, the worst of the city were burned to nothing but ash and yet didn't die. Typically, a Sinders skin is coal black and their eye and hair colors range from magenta, to orange, to red. Their bodies are constituted of ashes from their original bodies, and can be reshaped and formed at will. They have no blood or internal organs to speak of, and wounds are just misplaced ash that will quickly find it's way back to its spot.

They have control over anything and everything related to fire. A killing by a Sinder can usually be identified because most of the body will have been burned to nothing.

The cruelest, darkest, and most sadistic creatures known in the realm, they are often times smart and quick as well. They kill without mercy, and usually without reason, but they are careful never to reveal themselves. Often the subject of nightmarish tails, they can also take control over other races minds, if the person has ingested or breathed in some of the creatures ash.

There is no known way to kill a Sinder, and few live long enough to tell of meeting one.

Normal Lifespan: Uknown.

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