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{ Cities: Trinity }

Trinity is the largest city in the Northern Kingdom. Settled on the banks of where the rivers Rill, Sota, and Parute meet, it is easy to see where the city got its name. As with most Northern cities the people are generally friendly and welcoming of travelers. It is also one of the more tolerant cities in the realm and has a few Elf/Human parings that have been excepted.

The city itself was built using materials such as river rock. You will find a lot of the buildings that have different colored and shaped stones mortered together. Many people come to the city just to see the diversity in the buildings.

Spread out on the banks and some small islands of the three large rivers, bridges and boats are the main way of travel to each part of the city. There is one long island that sits in the center of the Sota river a mile or so down. A large castle and courtyard has been built on the land and is where the ruling family lives.

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