Beta to Platinum Notes
If you are upgrading your board to platinum, READ THIS FIRST ... it includes vital information for about upgrading your forum software.
From Version 3.1 (Beta) to Platinum (Final)

  • Admin Settings: Immediatly after you install the new version, go to your admin center and go to "Change Board Settings", then "View all Settings" (or other), and then click "Save". This will ensure that all new implemented features will work without error. Failer to do this will cause problems.

  • Templates: It is recommended that you remove <blah v="$displayuser"> from your main template and replace it with <blah v="$userwelcome"> (displays username welcome message) and <blah v="$userpm"> (displays users PM, also displays guest login / register and validation information). All other commands are the same as before.

  • Language Translators: You should retranslate each file to your language, over 100 language keys were removed in Platinum, and several (unmarked) keys have been added.

    Also, remember to translate images to your language, and change the language images at the very bottom of "English.lng". Do not keep them the same as they are now, this is so members can change their language without keeping the same images in the wrong language.

  • News Template: There is a new way of doing news, it uses a template system like the main e-blah board, to use it Upload News.html to your "Prefs" directory.

  • Avatar Gallery: To use the avatar gallery, use the help on the "Features" page
From Version 3.0 (Beta) to Version 3.1 (Beta)

  • Portal: The portal project has been added to the main package. Then go to to view the portal. Setup the portal via Admin Panel/Portal Setup.
From Version 2.8 (Beta) to Version 3.0 (Beta)

  • Adding HTML to your Forum: It is not recommended to leave the HTML tags field blank while enabling HTML (because users can post any HTML tag they wish). To use tags for bold, you must specify it in the tags section by added "b", if you want bold and italics to be allowed, add this: "b,i", etc.
From Version 2.7 (Beta) to Version 2.8 (Beta)

  • Add: <blah v="$copyright">
    To your template (template.html) -- it's the new copyright
From Version 2.6 (Beta) to Version 2.7 (Beta)

  • Times are now GMTime, and so you may have to change your time offset (change your profile FIRST though!!)
From Version 2.5 (Beta) to Version 2.6 (Beta)

  • Help Docs: To use them upload htdocs/Help to your server. Change the Help URL in your Admin Settings Center. It is NOT required.
From Version 2.4 (Beta) to Version 2.5 (Beta)

  • nopic.gif moved to correct directory (BlahImages/Avatars) ... change accordingly to your server to avoid broken images.
  • The backup feature has been changed. If you are running on a Windows server, this will most likely NOT work.
  • Translating: To translate e-blah into other languages, simply edited the /Languages/English files (rename to your language), and then e-mail to me at, There will probably be new additions to the language files, if there are, they will be located at /Lanauges/English/2.lng. Simply update that every version release.
  • Birthday Fix: This version fixes the "I'm too old" bug. Now you can be born in 1920, and not worry about it saying you are 32 max. It just fixes that bug, however ... you'll need to update your profile.
  • Time offset changes ... now users can select their TIME ZONE. However, you must have the correct time offset (in GMT) in the administrator center. Then users can select their time zone.
From Version 2.3B (Beta) to Version 2.4 (Beta)

  • There has been a major move from a script based template to a more common, and easier to update, HTML version. We have included an easy to use converter which simply converts RTemp.txt,,, and all templates in themes to HTML. To use this conversion feature, you must go to Admin Center/"Convert Templates". For other upgrading help, please refer back to "Install / Upgrading".
    2.4 Update: We have word that your old script versions of your template WILL not appear on some servers, and you may have to manualy go to your admin center.