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{ Races: Vampire }

Vampires are nocturnal creatures who need to drink blood to sustain themselves. Over exposure to the sun can kill them, but they can live through being in it for short periods of time. Though it does leave painful boils and blisters on the skin after an hour, and can eventually cause blindness. Depending on the race of the person, they may have different abilities that go along with Vampirism. They typically have a natural healing abilities and can heal there own wounds fairly quickly. They can be killed by beheading.

Normal Lifespan: Immortal

-| Human Vampires: Human Vampires make up the majority of the Vampire population in the realm. They usually have the abilities of night vision, increased stealth, and can manipulate the weaker minded.

-| Elven Vampires: Elven Vampires aren't very common but definately aren't unheard of either. They have the same abilities as a human with increased agility and speed and hearing. Vampirism often has a very negative effect on the mind of an Elf and can cause members of this race to become psycotic and dillusional, which is often times attributed to the sudden increase in psycic and telephathic energies that comes along with the Vampirism.

-| Zhara Vampires: Zhara Vampires are truely viscious creatures. The Vampirism takes hold of the already animal like instincts and urges that the Zhara people contend with and maginifies it, leaving little, if any, civilized characteristics that they once had. Their already keen senses are tripled, their agility and stealth increase greatly, and for some unknown reason they can learn to shadow walk much easier then the other races. Groups of Vampires often use Zhara Vampires as attack dogs.

-| Other Vampires: The above are the more commonly found types of Vampires. If you wish to play a different race as a Vampire, please consult the GM first.

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