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{ Races: Vampire/Phantom/Sinder Origins }

Vampires/Phantoms/Sinders in this realm are slightly different then in others. Vampires, as well as other dark creatures, were brought upon the realm for the atrocities that the races were performing against nature as well as each other. All the cruelest, evilist people in the realm set up a city in the Southern Kingdom and began to take over the realm slowly. It is said the gods of the realm sent their army to destroy the city, and, in the end, all that was left of the city and it's surroundings was the Blacklands. Almost all the people within the city perished, but those who didn't were forever cursed, and these curses spread to future generations. Those who become cursed are said to be just as vile and heartless as the generation in which the curses were brought to the realm. They are rarely if ever excepted into society and most are hunted down and killed or enslaved.

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