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{ Races: Zhara }

Zhara were discovered living in the Southern Jungle and were quickly adopted as a Slave race.

Males have deep pink skin with purple hair and eyes, females have green skin with blue hair and eyes.

A race that lives what could be refered to as an uncivilized life, no one has been able to discipher their language as it seems to change from group to group. Seen as no better then mere animals, they also have retractable claws in their knuckles and sharp canine teeth both of which are neccissary for hunting. They also have incredable sences of smell and better hearing and vision then humans, though their vision isn't quite as good as an Elves.

The males usually have agressive tempers and personalities while the females are more reserved and shy. They are normally shorter then most humans, usually growing no taller then 5' 5".

Normal Lifespan: 35 years.

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