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Fractured Fantasy is more then just a website dedicated to this unknown authors writings. It is also the name of a future series of medieval style fantasy books.

Right now, however, it's just a website that showcases the-may-soon-to-be future of a young writer. Poems, stories, and RPChats are updated as often as I can get to them, and constructive critism is welcome with open arms. Please, if you do read something here that you have comments on then e-mail me or leave a message in the guestbook. I will try and respond to all comments/critisms.

If you like my site and would like to do a Link Exchange I'd be happy to oblige ^_- Of course, some rules do apply to who I'll link back to. Just check out the Link Me section for more info.

That's all for this section! Use the navigation links on the other side of the image to find your way around!