Silent Infinity -|| Credits

Not all the characters in SI were originally created by me. Here is a list of credits of those who have let me use their characters in the story:

Jeremy Rainheart: Characters stolen from him include Sharikyn, the Vampire, and (possibly) Triaz the Elf.

David Nguyen: The character Ryo Davotai was his original creation and is used with permission.

Some characters included in SI are based on my online friends. These characters include:

Kryptic: Future villian. Based on and name stolen from Madz.
Lurial: Future Seriph. Based on and co-created by Lurial.
Aeva: Future Seriph. Based on and co-created by Seffie.
Tran-Lasus Yuis: Current main char. Based on Jeremy Rainheart without his knowledge. ^_-

Stories current proof-reader is: Jeremy Rainheart.