Maliki -|| SI & RPG Profile

Name: Maliki
Age: 116
Origin: Crystal Haven
Race: Seriph
Special: None
Profession/Class: Teacher
Skin: Lightly tanned.
Hair:Cut short on the sides, left long in the back. Silver.
Usually pulled back.
Eyes: Silver with blue flecks.
Height: 5' 11"
Build: Average
Scars/Tatoos/Etc:Libra tatoo on his right shoulder.
Clothes: Silver cloak, black pants, no shoes or shirt.
Weapon(s): A blade that straps to his wrist, doubles as a shield.
Skills(s): Control over air currents.
Personality: A quiet thinker. Can often be found staring
into space or writing. Likes to observe rather then get involved.
Gentle, warm natured, and very patient. Loves children.
Anything Else: None.