This Game

Because we play this game
And itís all inside
I can not win
All I can do is hide

Messing with my head
You sing this song
Itís all I can do not to dread
Trying to regress those memories

Playing twisted tricks on me
Withstanding more then I can
Live without you and just be
Lost inside myself forever


You think youíve won the game this time
Knowing Iím breaking down
You think youíve gotten away with this crime
Seeing how Iím screaming now

Time and time again
It fades until the end
You can not always win
Someday youíll regret this.

Iím screaming now
Iím screaming now


Why must you do this?
How can you be this way?
I donít understand you
Why wonít your memory just fade away?



{Author's Notes} - This is my first attempt ever at a song. Please be gentle in your critisisms as it will burst my fragile little bubble ^_^; R&R please!